Our weekly rides start immediately following Daylight Savings Time – 31 Mar in 2024.

For 2024, our composition of weekly rides starting from the Main Gym at 18:00 will be the following:

Monday ride for novices & potential members. This is our slowest ride (21-23kph) and is aimed at novice riders looking to gain experience and fitness. This is a no drop social ride and is usually led by senior SICC member Geoff Chamber. However, we don’t ride every week, so watch our Facebook page for confirmation that it will be going out.

Tuesday ride for SICC Members only. There are usually 3 groups available based on fitness and experience level. The first group will depart for a fast ride (above 30KPH); the second group will be a bit slower (28-30KPH) and the third a steadier paced at an average speed of no less than 26-27KPH. All rides are covering the same 60KM route each week. Each of the 3 groups tend to have their own characteristics based on the SICC riders attending. This may include sprints, fast rotations and attacks can all be expected. The videos below were filmed during a Tuesday ride and should provide you an idea of what can be expected.

This is a popular attack on Tuesday and is a well known Strava segment on a short hill.

Rear GoPro view of the same Strava segment. This is an example of riding with the “fast group” on Tuesday. Attacks, especially on this segment, are often expected and in some cases the group will remain splintered for the remainder of the route back to the crossroads where the ride ends.

Wednesday ride for newcomers / improvers, novices and potential members. The standard route is a shorter version of the SICC Tuesday route and is approx. 40Km (25 miles). It is flat and the pace is dictated by the slowest rider but whoever is attending should be able to ride this route at an average speed of no less than 25KPH (15.5MPH) with the goal to upping the average as the season progresses. The aim of these rides is to allow newcomers, novices or potential new members to build up confidence of riding in a group and to learn a regular route for future use; later in the season as the group progresses, varied (and slightly hillier) routes are added to the schedule. The Wed ride also familiarizes newcomers with SICC ride etiquette. These rides are led by a SICC member (Ride Captain) who is responsible for maintaining an acceptable speed for the group and to ensure no one is left behind. New comers will join these rides before deciding to join the club.

Thursday ride for SICC members only. There are 2 groups to suit different fitness levels but the purpose of both groups is to build power and fitness. These rides cover a two-option courses of 50KM and 60KM according to level of fitness. This ride is hillier than Tuesday rides with 3 anaerobic sprint segments where the group will split as the stronger riders try to break away from the group. If you want to test your legs and attack then this is the time to do it! However, at the end of each segment the group will regroup and recover before the next fast section. Speed between sprint segments will be steady and tempo in principle to conserve energy while working in the aerobic zone. The videos below were filmed on each segment during our Thursday ride.

1st Segment. We typically go into steady rotations at this point.

2nd Segment. Much shorter than the first and through a nice wooded area.

3rd Segment has a very steep but short hill followed by a quick descent and then up a small kicker. The segment ends on a right turn.

Final sprint to the finish and back to the crossroads. The Tuesday ride also ends this way. Although on this particular ride we started the sprint a bit early. The crossroads is a popular SICC meeting point for Saturday and Sunday rides.

A really strong rider that splinters the group could result in a single draft line forming as the stronger rider pulls a group in a breakaway. This is the certainly the exception which you can see in the video below as we push hard to the end of the ride.

GoPro battery died just before the end.

Instructions you’ll hear while riding on a club run
“Car up” A car is behind the group and waiting to pass. Await instruction for your clubrun Ride Captain on whether to go single file.
“Car down” A car is coming towards the group. Await instruction from your club run Ride Captain on whether to go single file.
“Single out” Move into single file. If riding on the outside, drop behind the rider to your right.
“Hole” There’s a pothole or bad road surface that you should avoid. Some riders will point down, to the left or right.
“Easy/Steady” Slow down, prepare to stop. Usually given on the approach to a junction. Do not brake too heavily unless required.
“Gravel” There’s gravel or loose road surface, you should slow down and/or take care.
“Clear left” or “Clear right” There’s no traffic coming from the left(right) and it’s safe to proceed. But NEVER rely solely on the instructions of others – you must always check yourself whether it is clear to proceed.
“Change” Rider(s) at the front of the group come off the front according to the rotation style of the group.
Riding style – Riding for Safety (rules of the road)
Riders should rotate frequently (Continental style), ride together and wait, or slow, at top of hills.
Riders will conform to etiquette rules, and calling out or pointing to potholes, safe consideration and practice and listen to the rider(s) in front and the Ride Captain or Assistant.
Riders will ride as a tight group, 2 side by side, but will single-out when asked by the Ride Captain or as demanded by road conditions.
On a hill, the Ride Captain can suggest that riders take it at their own pace for training purposes, and meet at top and allow the slower riders to rest.
The group will ride at the pace of the slowest rider, regrouping at safe locations after the top of hills etc and allowing all riders to recuperate and refuel where necessary.
Riders should advise the Ride Captain if they decide to leave the group for any reason.
Riders may be asked to leave the group if poor riding standards persist, if they consistently fail to follow the guidance of the Ride Captain, or their behavior or riding style is considered unsafe to other members of the group or other road users.
If a rider has a puncture or mechanical problem, the group will wait nearby in a safe location, unless the Ride Captain advises otherwise.
Riders should not go ahead of the pack and Ride Captain unless instructed to. Headphones for phones or music are not permitted on SICC organized rides.

Etiquette rules for new riders:
As a minimum, the main ‘rules’ of riding should be:
Hold the wheel in front, at a safe distance and avoid braking sharply
Point to or call out potholes or other obstructions, communicate with the riders
Ride together as a group, and follow the rotation.
Advise if a rider is off the back or has a puncture, always look after the riders behind you.
Do not weave, keep a constant parallel (do not half-wheel) and reasonably close distance to adjacent rider.
Follow and pass on instructions from the group Ride Captain, communicate within the group.
Bike must be in a roadworthy condition. Tri-bars should not be used in group riding. Riders should carry at least 2 spare tubes that fit your tyres and appropriate tools including a puncture repair kit with tyre levers.

Guest members may ride with SICC for a maximum of 2 rides. After this they should join the club or will not be allowed to continue to ride with SICC