For our 2024 kit, we’ve continued our association with Kalas, who provide a wide range of custom kit that can be ordered directly from our very own e-shop on the Kalas website during set windows; once the window closes, the combined orders placed by members will move into production and then be shipped when ready; delivery should take 6-8 weeks from the window closing. All members will still receive a club jersey directly from the Kit Manager when they pay their annual membership fees.

To use the e-shop, just follow the link which members will receive by email, then select items from the Customised products ranges to see what’s available in SICC colours (not the Stock products – although you can still order these, they just won’t be in SICC colours). We recommend you do this on a desktop/laptop as mobile devices may not show the whole SICC catalogue or may include non-SICC items.

Note that the items no longer display in SICC colours on the website, but items that have the CUSTOM logo will be produced in SICC colours:

Hopefully, all self-explanatory above, but if you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at, via the SICC Facebook Page, or via WhatsApp.

Martin Hainz