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          Every Monday from 12:00 to 13:00
          Every Wednesday from 12:00 to 13:00

We would recommend as well shoes with Shimano SPD clips in order to perform in the best way all different workouts in the class. If you need any further clarification on this initiative do not hesitate to get in with the instructor (Pino Rampini - SHAPE Ext. 5128). Do not forget a towel, the water bottle and be prepared to sweat a lot!!


 This is what Pino's Spinning Classes feel like.
(Similar to flying, maybe it's the lack of oxygen!)
SHAPE International Cycling Club (SICC) is offering indoor cycling classes in the spinning room of the main gym. Classes are a one-hour simulation of a ride, allowing each participant to dial in the amount of effort necessary to accomplish the "virtual ride." The class is starting with a steady, high-rpm medium-resistance effort on the "flat" part of the ride , this effort is followed up by a "climb," done at a high-resistance, low-rpm effort simulating a climb up a short col or a valley, and the subsequent "descent," a low-resistance, medium-rpm effort that simulates taking it easy after a climb, and providing an opportunity for re-hydrating before tackling another flat section, and so on. This sort of effort is much more than one working the cardio-vascular system and leg muscles: you need a strong core and developed back/shoulder/arm muscles to balance out the effort, making this an excellent fat-burning session that will tone your muscles over your entire body over time.
Please show up at least five minutes in advance in order to properly warm up.
The planned training sessions have been established taking in consideration three main parameters:
          Percentage of Maximum Heart Rate (% HR Max)
          Resistance on the spinning bike
It is therefore essential that you establish your current value of HR Max, set up your HR device (Garmin, Polar, etc.) and bring it with you for the training. A failure to do this will result in the workouts in the plan being either too hard or too easy.
As follows you can find the link with a web based heart rate calculator for your convenience.